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Ondernemen is een achtbaan

Stel jezelf eens voor dat je je oriënteert op een business opportunity die alles in zich heeft waar deze wat jou betreft aan moet voldoen. Je bent enthousiast over de producten, de mensen met wie je gaat...

Incentive Diner @ Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

Beyuna beloont haar business partners op basis van geleverde prestatie.
Een hele leuke incentive waarvan we in december 2015 mochten genieten was een fantastisch diner in het Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

Have you made your bed this morning?

This weekend we had our company’s monthly International Business Day.

Jim Carrey on the power of visualisation

If you can see it and believe it, it is a lot easier to achieve it!


Believe in yourself is key! If you don’t believe it no-one else will believe it.

New markets!

In December 2018 – after a preparation of one year – we successfully launched our business in the United States. While we continue to grow our business in both Europa and the United States, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we also...

The man that does more ….

This weekend I was in Los Angeles for business. We are (also) building our business outside Europe and in my opinion you need to be there where your business is. Some time ago my daughter Daniëlle had given me a copy of ‘Think and Grow...

We are looking for USA business partners!

  For business expansion we now are looking for USA business partners. Would you like to be amongst the first people in the USA to join our company, use our products, give them away and introduce new people who do the same as you do? We offer you...

5 Rules for success

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his 5 secret steps to tackling life and becoming Mr. Universe (at the age of 20), 7-time Mr. Olympia, Hollywood legend and 2-term Governor of California. His story proves that no obstacle is too big to overcome...