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‘Like’ and ‘trust’ leads to successful pre-launch!!!

In the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd we have successfully pre-launched Beyuna in the United States.

Our business is built on – amongst others – an important foundation of ‘like’ and ‘trust’.

If you like someone you are willing to be in someone’s environment. If you trust someone you are willing to do business with someone.

– Léon Adriaanse

In the months prior to the pre-launch we have spend a lot of time to build ‘like’ and ‘trust’ with a number of Physicians and business people. We have done that through individual and group meetings in which we established rapport with them and got to know them and what engages them.

The people who we work with are all very successful already in their current business, but they often work in the system of someone else building someone else’s company. These people have reached a point in their career where they want to create health and wealth for themselves and for the people in their surroundings.
We give these people the opportunity to do so, with our support.

Looking at geography, at the pre-launch we are already in Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and Kansas. Before the end of 2018 we will have business partners in all states.

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Watch the below video for an impression of the pre-launch weekend.