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What is your plan B?

Would it be smart to look at an international business opportunity?

Just a handfull of recent messages:
+ Lufthansa skips 22.000 jobs (source: nos)
+ lays off 25% of her staff (source: algemeen dagblad).
+ Victoria’s Secret closes 250 stores in North America and Canada (source: de telegraaf).
+ Inditex (mother of Zara) wants to close 1.200 brick and mortal stores. In the next 3 years she will invest approx. 1 billion $ in het online platform (source: business insider).
+ Nike will emphasize e-commerce (source: retail news).
+ Starbucks will close 400 shops. To serve the customer they will open 300 new shop specialized in ‘carryout and pick-up’ options (source: cnn).
+ GNC Holdings is filing for bankruptcy. Worldwide more than 7.000 shops will be closed. A possible buyer may come from China (source: the wallstreet journal).
+ Although re-opened, 80% of Bars & Restaurants in the greater Amsterdam region will go out of business between now and 6 months (source: het parool).

As we speak:
+ People are spending more money online (19% increase) (source:
+ Online sales of vitamins are growing fast. Popular are Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc (source:
+ 79 million people are going to start a home-based business in the next 5 years (source: forbes magazine).

The same question again: “Would it be smart to look at an international business opportunity?
An international business opportunity:
+ where you can do business online in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. 
+ in a market that is growing very fast.
+ where you have remaining low cost while your benefits increase.
+ where we use ‘try before you buy’, ‘drop shipping’ and a payment model where you get paid based on your performance.
+ where you decide with whom you work, where you work, when you work and how much you work.

What is your Plan B?